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The ABPP confers board certification upon recommendation by the relevant Specialty Board. As such, the “ABPP” certificate itself indicates the particular specialty. In order to represent oneself as board certified by ABPP, the specialist must provide an annual attestation indicating continued adherence to ABPP standards as well pay the associated attestation fee. 


This directory lists all current ABPP board certified psychologists.  If a name does not appear, that individual 1) is either not board certified through ABPP or (2) has not maintained the above requirements.  It is possible that an individual has overlooked providing the attestation and fee; if an individual claims to be ABPP board certified and is not listed in this directory, it is appropriate to contact ABPP at office@abpp.org.  ABPP will follow up with that individual. 


Some individuals and/or organizations request more information than is provided by this search, or may require written verification of board certification status.  In that case, or if you represent a Credentialing or Licensing agency seeking verification of ABPP board certification, please go here Credentialing/Verification Requests . This will provide primary source verification which includes dates of certification, certification number, expiration date and specialty. 


If you do not need that detailed, written verification, please search the ABPP Directory on this page.  You will have many search options at no charge.


ABPP specialists may obtain verification at no charge.  Please contact office@abpp.org indicating that you are ABPP and who you are searching for. This will help expedite the verification process.    



Select the information you would like your search based upon.  You may select one or more items upon which to search.  If you select more than one Specialty, your results will include those psychologists board certified in each of the specialties (e.g., either Specialty A OR Specialty B)


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