Online Application

General Education & Licensure/Certification Requirements


Note: Unlicensed Students, Interns & Residents should use the Early Entry Application Form;

If you have ever submitted an Early Entry Application, you do not need to complete the Generic Application;

ABPP Board Certified Specialists should use the Application on the ABPP Specialists Portal

Prior to applying:

Review the ABPP Generic Requirements.  Also review the Specialty Specific Requirements (and Senior Option, if applicable) of the ABPP specialty board to which you will be applying before continuing. These are located by clicking Specialty Specific Requirements. Also, click here for a list of questions that you will need to respond to.


At the time of application you will need:


States/jurisdictions in which you are licensed as a psychologist. (If you are applying through the Senior Option you will also need the issue date (MM/YYYY) of your original license as a psychologist.


Your contact information (address, phone, email) that you would like ABPP to use in corresponding with you. An accurate email address is required, as most communication with ABPP will be through email.


A completed Specialty Specific Application for the board to which you are applying.


You will need to either: Upload, fax or mail documentation of completion of internship.  You may scan a copy of your internship completion certificate or other appropriate documentation (e.g., letter from director of internship site verifying completion of internship) and you will be given the opportunity to upload it during the application process OR you can fax or mail it to ABPP.


Pay the Application Fee (American Express, Mastercard or Visa). You will see a receipt on your screen that you may print for your records.


Respond to the list of questions: click here


Note: Once you have opened the page for the Online Application you will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity


Subsequent to application, but prior to ABPP being able to process your application ABPP must receive:


Transcripts directly from the institution that granted your doctoral degree.


Documentation of completion of internship, as described above.


Any and all of the specialty specific materials. (The specialty board may have requirements that include having letters of endorsement and/or supervision sent to ABPP, providing information about specific coursework/training/experience, etc.


Final review of your application will be completed once all materials have been provided.


If you are unable to upload doc. and/or docx. please save as pdf. and upload the pdf.


Materials and documentation should be submitted to the ABPP Central Office via email to (preferred, when possible), fax, or USPS.


American Board of Professional Psychology

600 Market Street, Ste. 201

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Voice: 919-537-8031

Fax: 919-537-8034



I, the undersigned, hereby make voluntary application to the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc., for certification as a specialist. I understand that my application is subject to the rules, bylaws, and other governing provisions of the Board (hereinafter called regulations), and I agree to be bound by the regulations of the Board, either as a candidate for issuance of a specialty board certification, or upon issuance of a specialty board certification, as the holder of same. I agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics of the American Psychological Association or the Canadian Psychological Association, as applicable. I agree to disqualification from examination or issuance of a specialty board certification, or forfeiture of any specialty board certification issued to me, in the event that the Board finds me in violation of its rules and regulations. I recognize that the Board may decide that I am not qualified, and I agree to abide by its decision.

I understand that board certified specialists must complete an attestation on an annual basis in order to ensure to the public, the organization, and the profession that the specialist is currently in active practice of the specialty, is properly licensed or certified, or retired and is current with fees required by the organization.  The attestation form must be completed annually by board certified specialists and verified as meeting board certification requirements.  Only board certified specialists and retired board certified specialists meeting these requirements will be listed in the ABPP (on-line) directory.  In addition to the annual attestation that must be completed by board certified specialists, ABPP board certified specialists must complete the documentation process of Maintenance of Certification (MOC) once every ten years.  Specialists will be reminded 2-3 years advance of the due date so that they may begin the MOC process.

I hereby authorize the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc., to make inquiries as it deems appropriate in connection with this application for a specialty board certification, with any of the individuals, state licensing boards, agencies, organizations, or other such reference sources as may develop in the course of the Board’s investigation of my qualifications to be board certified as a specialist. I agree and invite anyone so contacted by the Board to answer and respond freely, frankly, and without fear of claim of damage by me, and to report to the Board any knowledge which may seem relevant to the inquiry of the Board.


I certify that all the statements made herein are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.


If granted specialty board certification, I agree that ABPP certification is an active credential that requires annual renewal, an associated attestation, and a fee (currently $185/year). In order to remain active and to use the ABPP credential, I also agree to pay all required annual fees assessed by the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc.


Note: Additional fees are payable for the Practice Sample Review (currently $250), Oral Examination (currently $450) and Written Examination, if required (Forensic currently $300; Clinical Neuropsychology currently $300). ABPP reserves the right to change its schedule of fees at any time during the course of candidacy. FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.


By proceeding and clicking on next, you agree to the above directions and Attestation Statement.