Specialty Specific Requirements


Specialty Specific Eligibility Requirements:

In the initial application, the Candidate should provide evidence that they have obtained a level of competence expected of a Candidate for the ABOBCP in at least 3 of the following areas (or 2 if you are applying in the senior option). Normally, this would translate into completion of an internship or the equivalent year of pre- or post-doctoral supervised experience in setting(s) appropriate for preparation in this specialty. Additionally, the applicant must provide evidence such as coursework, continuing education and/or retraining and a total of 2 years postdoctoral experience in at least 3 of 11 ACPs (2 for senior psychologists) defined for in this specialty. They may of course indicate a greater number of areas of competency, although the oral examination can be more focused. At the application stage, such competency can be demonstrated through:


  • An appropriate degree
  • Academic coursework
  • Continuing education
  • Retraining
  • Pre-doctoral experience
  • Post doctoral experience
  • Post licensure experience and/or supervision (a minimum  of 2 years)


The Senior Option


For those applicants who have 15 years of relevant postdoctoral experience in the ABOBCP specialty area or in related competencies, certain procedural options are available if the applicant wishes to use them.  Senior applicants often bring more specific, in depth, focused practice to the examination.  As a result, more flexibility is needed for a review of practice samples of seniors, often including publications and special projects.  For applicants qualifying for the senior option:

1. The applicant need only provide evidence in 2 Practice Areas rather than 3. That is, the applicant must provide evidence such as academic coursework or equivalent continuing education, or retraining, and post-doctoral supervised experience, in 2 selected areas of practice

2. The practice sample need only cover 2 rather than 3 practice areas.

3. A wider range of practice samples will be acceptable.  These may include a portfolio of publications, research grants, award presentations, advanced training activity, and others.  The sample or samples must clearly demonstrate advanced competence as a practitioner and be approved by the ABOBCP Practice Sample Coordinator.


2.  For those psychologists choosing the senior option who were not originally trained in the OBC specialty, section 3a should be augmented with a description of how the candidate retrained for the specialty and describe the nature of the supervision received in this process.




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