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Executive Officer

David R. Cox, PhD, ABPP



Assistant Executive Officer

Nancy McDonald

919-537-8031, ext. 104

Central Office, ABPP Governance, & Candidate

Information Systems, Event Planner, & Marketing Assistant

Lanette Melville

919-537-8031, ext. 102

Website, Event/Meeting Planning and Marketing

Information Content Manager

Diane Butcher

919-537-8031, ext. 103

SharePoint & Maintenance of Certification

Administrative Assistant

Kathy Holland

919-537-8031, ext. 101

General & Applicant  


American Board of Professional Psychology

600 Market Street, Suite 201

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

(919) 537-8031      Fax: (919) 537-8034

email: office@abpp.org

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