Specialty Specific Requirements


In addition to the generic foundation requirements, the Clinical Health Psychology specialty requires completion of an organized doctoral education and training program in Professional Psychology, which includes an internship. The specialty also requires postdoctoral supervised practice and experience in the specialty. The specialty’s specific program requirements are met if:

• The doctoral degree program was in Professional Psychology from a program accredited by the APA or CPA.

• The doctoral degree program qualifies as equivalent to an APA or CPA accredited program in professional psychology as determined by the ABCHP. This option is particularly applicable to degrees awarded throughout the U.S. or Canada.


A one-year full-time or two-year half-time internship program is required. The internship requirement is met if:


♦ Accredited by the APA or CPA

♦ Listed in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Directory for the year the internship was completed; or

♦ The applicant is listed in the NRHSPP or CRHSPP Directory or holds the CPQ


By its nature, the specialty of Clinical Health Psychology denotes a level of practice requiring preparation beyond doctoral requirements. An individual whose degree is from an APA or CPA accredited program in Professional Psychology must have completed one of the three following training experiences:

• The applicant can apply for certification after one postdoctoral year upon successful completion of at least one year of an APA/CPA accredited Clinical Health Psychology postdoctoral fellowship


• The applicant can apply for certification after two postdoctoral years upon successful completion of either:

a. An APA/CPA accredited postdoctoral fellowship in an area other than clinical health psychology if at least 50% of the training was in clinical health psychology, and one additional postdoctoral year of clinical health psychology experience or
b. A non-accredited but APPIC listed clinical health psychology fellowship and one additional postdoctoral year of clinical health psychology experience


• The applicant can apply for certification after three postdoctoral years including a one-year postdoctoral supervised experience in professional psychology, and two additional years of post doctoral experience in clinical health psychology.


Psychologists who meet the above degree, internship and postdoctoral criteria, AND have 15 years or more of postdoctoral experience following licensure AND have made a significant contribution to the development of the field of Clinical Health Psychology or to clinical health psychology practice in their own communities are eligible for the Distinguished Senior Psychologist option. Sections V and VI contain information regarding specific submission requirements for Distinguished Senior Candidates, namely the submission of a professional portfolio in lieu of practice samples.


The Board encourages qualified individuals with disabilities to apply for Specialty Board status. The board recognizes that these individuals may encounter unusual difficulties and will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations for these applicants. The board will consider individual requests for accommodations by qualified applicants with disabilities. A qualified individual with disabilities can request reasonable accommodation, must formalize the request with the board, and support the request with documentation confirming a need for reasonable accommodation and the basis of the need. At the request of the board, applicants with special needs should be ready to document the need consistent with the applicable guidelines, and assist the board in developing reasonable accommodations, as necessary. In its sole discretion, the board
will either grant or deny the request based on applicable guidelines. General procedures and individual case-by-case guidelines will also be developed.


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