Specialty Definition

The Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology specialty is defined as the practice of psychology applied to organizations, especially consultation in business settings. This specialty area includes the areas known as Industrial-Organizational Psychology and also Consulting Psychology. It can also include individuals specializing in human factors where the work is conducted in an organizational or business setting. The primary mode of practice is that of consulting on organizational issues or the coaching of individuals with regard to career or job performance issues. Clients are typically individuals in a work setting or employing organizations, which may include nonprofits, public jurisdictions and private sector companies. Within an organizational or business context, typical areas of practice include:

1) Assessment, Selection, Recruitment and Placement 

2) Performance Management

3) Training and Development 

4) Coaching  

5) Managerial Psychology and Supervision of Organizational Psychologists

6) Organizational Change and Development

7) Organizational Behavior and Psychology

8) Compensation and Reward Systems

9) Consumer and Marketing Psychology

10) Human Factors and Engineering Psychology

11) Statistical and research methods

12) Other area of specialty related practice

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