Instructions for Online Application




Note: This application is to be completed in two parts

1) Complete the Specialty Specific Form (Step 1) and save to your computer.

2) Complete the Online ABPP Application (Step 2) and upload the saved Specialty Specific Form when directed.  You will need to answer a list of questions, click here for the list.

Note: Once you have opened the page for the Online ABPP Application (Step 2) you will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity and will need to start over.


Both steps must be completed in order for your application to be complete.



General Education & Licensure/Certification Requirements


Note: Unlicensed Students, Interns & Residents should use the Early Entry Application Form

if you currently have a file as an Early Entry Applicant;  YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT: Specialty Specific Form (Step 1)


If you currently are an ABPP Board Certified Specialist use the Application on the ABPP Specialists Portal

Prior to applying:

Review the ABPP Generic Requirements.  Also review the Specialty Specific Requirements (and Senior Option, if applicable) of the ABPP specialty board to which you will be applying before continuing. These are located by clicking Specialty Specific Requirements.


At the time of application you will need:

♦ States/jurisdictions in which you are licensed as a psychologist. (If you are applying through the Senior Option you will also need the issue date (MM/YYYY) of your original license as a psychologist.

♦ Your contact information (address, phone, email) that you would like ABPP to use in corresponding with you. An accurate email address is required, as most communication with ABPP will be through email.

♦ A completed Specialty Specific Application for the board to which you are applying.

You will need to either: Upload, fax or mail documentation of completion of internship.  You may scan a copy of your internship completion certificate or other appropriate documentation (e.g., letter from director of internship site verifying completion of internship) and you will be given the opportunity to upload it during the application process OR you can fax or mail it to ABPP.

♦ Pay the Application Fee (Mastercard or Visa). You will see a receipt on your screen that you may print for your records.


Subsequent to application, but prior to ABPP being able to process your application ABPP must receive:


♦Transcripts directly from the institution that granted your doctoral degree.


♦ Documentation of completion of internship, as described above.


♦ Any and all of the specialty specific materials. (The specialty board may have requirements that include having letters of endorsement and/or supervision sent to ABPP, providing information about specific coursework/training/experience, etc.


♦ Final review of your application will be completed once all materials have been provided.


Materials and documentation should be submitted to the ABPP Central Office via email to (preferred, when possible), fax, or USPS.


American Board of Professional Psychology

600 Market Street, Ste. 201

Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Voice: 919-537-8031

Fax: 919-537-8034