Maintenance of Certification Information

THE MOC PROCESS IS currently available to psychologists board certified prior to 2008.  This will help with processing time management. Additional notice will go out to others boarded prior to 2015 at later time.


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ABPP Maintenance of Certification


FAQs Regarding ABPP Maintenance of Certification (MOC)


From 2006 to 2014, the American Board of Professional Psychology developed a method by which specialists could periodically engage in self-review to assure quality care and protection of the public consistent with the highest professional standards.  ABPP Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is consistent with ABPP’s strategic objective to “maintain the value of board certification.” Throughout its development, adoption and implementation MOC has been thoroughly publicized to all specialists, academies, and specialty boards.


Specialists certified before January 1, 2015 may maintain their certification in one of two ways, by completing their Specialty Board approved MOC grid and narrative, or by waiving this requirement and still maintaining their certificate. Specialists certified after January 1, 2015 must successfully demonstrate Maintenance of Certification every ten years to maintain their ABPP board certified status.


With the support of the ABPP Board of Trustees the MOC Task Force assisted specialty boards and ABPP Central Office in preparing for full implementation, including assisting specialty boards craft their specific grids and narrative materials and assisting Central Office with development of documents and a model for implementation. The MOC Task Force collaborated with the ABPP Standards and Bylaws committees to revise respective manuals to incorporate Maintenance of Certification requirements.


Implementation of the ABPP Maintenance of Certification has begun for those boarded prior to 2008. Each specialty board has developed a specialty-specific MOC process that has been approved by the ABPP Standards Committee. Each Specialty board’s MOC includes a Continuing Professional Development Grid and a Narrative.


Central Office staff will notify all specialists when they are eligible to submit their MOC material. Specialists who were granted certification prior to January 1, 2015 will be asked to indicate whether they plan to participate in MOC by completing their specialty board-approved MOC Grid and Narrative (opt-in), or if they intend to waive MOC (opt-out).  Specialists may also initially elect to "decide later", but will need to eventually opt-in or opt-out. Specialists whose board certification in a specialty or subspecialty is after January 1, 2015 will be required to complete their specialty board-approved Maintenance of Certification within ten years of their post-January 1, 2015 specialty board certification.  Specialists who obtain specialty board or subspecialty certification after January 1, 2015 do not have the option to waive MOC. 


Please recall:


·       Unless the Specialist waives their Maintenance of Certification requirement or the Specialist participates in Maintenance of Certification early, Central Office personnel will provide notice to Specialists within eight years of Maintenance of Certification implementation (or within eight years after a new Specialist’s initial board or subspecialty certification) that their Maintenance of Certification documents will be due soon. Notification at the eight year mark is provided in order that the Specialist has adequate advance notice to complete the process.


·       For Specialists certified before January 1, 2015, and who do not elect to participate in MOC early, their MOC due date will be based upon the anniversary of the Specialist’s initial specialty or subspecialty certification. All documents relating to Maintenance of Certification are be available through the ABPP website.